High Point hosts Choices to help extinguish client smoking

February 17, 2020 by Nicole0

High Point first and foremost concerns itself with its clients’ mental health and substance use issues, but the facility also places great importance on their overall health. With that in mind, High Point makes smoking cessation a priority and has regular presentations to move clients in that direction.

Smoking disproportionately affects individuals with mental health and/or substance issues. So much so, that it contributes to the early deaths of many thousands of people who were successfully treated for a behavioral health issues.

Choices presenter Azeem Sitabklan (pictured) gave two presentations in mid-February, one each to High Point’s mental health clients and its substance use clients. Both groups heard a host of statistics about the health risks that come with tobacco use. No fewer than 14 types of cancer arise from smoking. Nearly a half million people in the U.S. each year succumb to smoking-related deaths. Many more suffer with debilitating illnesses, bronchitis and emphysema being among the most common.

The presentation covered the many chemicals found in cigarettes – 7,000. Seventy of the chemicals are carcinogens. Azeem informs the clients some of the other uses for these toxins; ammonia is a toilet cleaner, while hexamine is barbecue lighter.  Some clients, having seen the program before, are knowledgeable about the array of harmful substances in cigarettes.

Another factor in smoking is how the chemicals ingested interact with prescribed medications. Smoking can mean that a patient needs a higher level of a medication due to that medicine being removed by the liver fast

er than in non-smokers. Therefore, smokers may need a higher dosage. When quitting or tapering off smoking, the client will need to make the prescriber aware of the change.

The program made clients aware of the many medications to help people ease their way towards quitting. These include nicotine gum, the nicotine patch, Chantix, and nicotine nasal spray. Choices made some of  these items available to the clients

With the recent surge in vaping, clients showed a

n interest in it, and its being less of a health risk than cigarette smoking. If vaping is better than cigarettes, the Choices staff said, it is only marginally so.  The best course by far is to takes steps towards quitting once and for all.

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