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High Point Program is pleased to announce our expansion of services to accommodate the continued needs of our substance abuse & co-occurring clientele. In addition to our current day programming, we will be launching an evening substance abuse & co-occurring program to supplement our treatment services. The evening program will accommodate both Intensive Outpatient [IOP] and Outpatient [OP] levels of care.

Our evening programming and services will begin on Monday, October 5, 2020, and will operate on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights between the hours of 5:30pm to 8:45pm. During this time, we will offer two 90-minute groups sessions, individual sessions, and random UDS testing. We will also be accommodating medication monitoring and other psychiatric needs within our existing day hours. Clients attending the Evening Program will be responsible for their own transportation.

We recognize the growing need for evening substance abuse treatment services in our surrounding community, and have designed a high-quality program to accommodate those clients who are looking to continue working towards their recovery , while balancing their existing responsibilities and schedules. We understand the many barriers that may create a limited ability to attend day programming, such as:

  • Those who are currently employed and/or furthering their education but require ongoing support to maintain their recovery.
  • Those with childcare or other familial responsibilities that interfere with day programming.
  • Those who have been stable in their recovery, had successfully completed a treatment program but may have had a lapse/relapse which immediately  puts them at a higher risk for a downward spiral, but wish  to stabilize their recovery and avoid further relapse.
  • Those who have graduated their current day programming and are looking for transitional and step-down supports to continue therapeutic supports needed in early recovery.

Our Evening Program will offer the clinical support, education, and structure to further promote long-term recovery through preventing or halting a relapse, increasing insight into triggers and stressors, and developing/furthering a tool box of coping skills and interventions.

Essential to recovery is the development of a new healthy lifestyle that includes but is not limited to rebuilding/repairing relationships, increasing accountability, making informed decisions, strengthening and healing of the family, building a sober support network, and obtaining or maintaining employment. High Point will be adding a family component in the near future to the evening program to provide the opportunity to further assist clients and their families in their recovery processes, as “Addiction is a Family Disease”.

High Point’s multi- interdisciplinary team recognizes the ongoing and ever-changing needs of our clientele across the road to recovery. We seek to support our clients at all points of their recovery with the addition of our Evening Program.


Anna Vitale, MPS, LCADC – Director


Christopher Lombardi, MSW, LCSW, LCADC – Clinical Director


High Point supports our clients who struggle with mental illness and addiction by guiding them to the path that leads to recovery, fulfillment and independence.

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