We recently asked our clients their thoughts about High Point, what they feel they’re getting from the program, and what they liked most about it.

Here are their responses…

High point has helped my balance my life and have a structured life. It has made my drug court experience better. It has helped me be more patient. Most importantly, it has helped me make changes. I can talk to any staff and get something from them. I learn something new about myself every day. The different groups help with this. I also love that my counselor is available every day.

Blair G.

I am a changed person. I was an introvert. At first it was difficult to share. In time, I knew I had to share. Everyone has a great attitude. It is not intimidating, more like a family. The Counselors are always in a good mood, no matter what they may be feeling inside or what is going on in the group. They are professional and care about our well-being. They stress the groups are our groups. It is also helpful to be able to voice our opinion about the groups – mostly they should just be left as they are.

Jenne B.

Like the options in groups and that you get a say on what groups we go to. I also like the different tracks that are offered, which are at the right level for the clients and where we are comfortable. The counselors work with us. If we have problem, the counselors help us work it out. Like all the meals High Point provides – a lot of programs don’t do that.

Danielle S.

I like that the staff are outgoing and there is a good food service, which I with. The food service is a good learning experience and a good life skill. It promotes independence. The case managers are very nice. My peers are supportive of me. They are very flexible with my schedule while I am working two jobs.

Nathan D.

I like to talk in the group. I come for days a week and learn thing. It is a good program. It teaches me things like anger management, stress management. A lot of self-help.

Kasim K.

When I came here, I didn’t know the proper coping skills to deal with stress. High Point helped me understand different ways of overcoming stress. Now I feel like I can go back to work, which before I could not. The structure of the program is effective if you want to get well. This place has helped me to get back to myself and back to work. I have learned to respect myself and self-worth. I am back to the person I was, with purpose and confidence.

Jesus C.

I have been in this program since June and at first didn’t think would help. But when I started listening, I realized this program is very good. The counselors really help the clients and respect them. They go out of their way when the clients are going through something difficult. They help us stay positive and stay on the right path. They really care and are professional.

Kevin B.


High Point supports our clients who struggle with mental illness and addiction by guiding them to the path that leads to recovery, fulfillment and independence.

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